Inizio: 29 Maggio 2023
Termine: 1 Giugno 2023

Principles of refrigeration basis: physical quantity, measuring devices, thermometry, heat transfer. Refrigerants and analysis of components and plants. Applications. European F-Gas Regulation 517/14.

Refrigerator thermodynamics (diagrams). Analysis of fluorinated refrigerant gases (R134a, R407c, R410a, R404a, R507, R32 etc.). Refrigerating circuit and component analysis. Diagrams “pressure-enthalpy”. Pressure gauge with different fluids. Expansion devices with various types of valves and their mode of operation.

Compressors: various types of construction and mode of operation. Evaporators, condensers both in static and ventilated versions.

Vacuum, charge, recovery: mode of operation, complete process and analysis of machine’s components. Regulation and proper tools. Starting of the plant, pressure gauge reading and interpretation of pressure values both for condensation and evaporation cases, related temperatures. Optimisation of charge operations. Retrofit. Drop-in.

Leak and damage detection. Indicators of fluids and humidity leakage. Sight glasses. Study of refrigerating plant components. Dehydrating filters of various types and dimensions. Solenoid and thermostatic valves. Pressure switch. Filters. Oil and liquid separators.

The main objectives are to ensure knowledge, competencies and skills about:

1. Global environmental considerations
2. Refrigerants, designation, classification and types
3. Applications and lubricants of alternative refrigerants
4. Identification, transport, storage and safe handling of refrigerants
5. Servicing tools and equipment
6. Best practices in servicing systems
– Leak detection, b. Recovery
– Vacuum, d. Charge
– System operation and parameters reading
7. Safety, logging (record keeping) and labelling considerations.

Language: the training, material and communication will be in English & French language

Said El Harch

9/13 - 14/17

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